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My Nana wasn't much of a story-teller...she was more of the

listening type. Even when you'd talked all you could, she'd want more.

"So what else is new?" She'd ask...and ask and ask and ask.


And even if there wasn't something new, you'd try to find something to share. Especially in those later days - the days when she really started to lose her memory. She cried a lot more in those days - even in just normal conversation. So did I. I knew I didn't have many stories left to share. I think she knew she didn't have many left to hear. 


When I'd tell her I ran into an old coworker or had dinner with a friend, she'd always ask her tried and true question: "So what did they have to say?" She always wanted to know what 'they' had to say. Didn't really matter who 'they' was. It took never hearing that phrase anymore to realize...she really didn't care what 'they' said, she just wanted to hear me say it. She just wanted to listen. 

I miss my Nana so much. I wish I could go back to answer every time my phone rang and tell her a million more boring stories of my day or call her up to tell her what you had to say when I ran into you at the store. 

Linda Lou loved a good story. She'd listen if you told it - and she'd hang

it high on her fridge if you wrote it for her. She didn't get to hear all

the stories she should have. She didn't get to give all the hugs she

had in her. My Nana wanted to be everyones Nana - and this

foundation is the chance to make that happen. 

Contest Rules:


*$500 awarded to the winning story!*

1. Open to children ages 5-12.
2. Children can submit their own story or work with one other child to collaborate as one writer and one artist. For those who enter as an author/illustrator team, the prize money will be split two ways.

3. All art and stories must be done independently by child with no assistance. 
3. Book page minimum: 10 pages and 50 words; max: 20 pages and 500 words (excluding front and back cover)
4. Both the author and illustrator should include a biography about themselves. 
5. In memory of Linda Lou "Nana", every story must include a grandmother. Use your imagination!


*Entries are welcome from children throughout the U.S. 

*Entries can be sent digitally or through the mail. (Address will be provided via email once you've signed up your child.)
*Winner's story will be read and recorded by author Chalaine Kilduff to be shared on social media. 
*Stories must be submitted via our entry form starting 1/7/2022.
*The deadline for entries is midnight on 12/25/2023.
*Winners will be announced 5/5/2024.



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